Robotics course is where students learn to identify key components that allow the robots to work and pick up coding concepts as they are required to program their robot to function.

Subsequently, your child will be taught to analyze the underlying mechanisms of the robots, and be challenged to modify them, or even design their own robots!

LEGO Education Spike Prime offers a closer engineering course to the real world. Students will hone their visual-spatial skills to design and build robots to tackle challenges tasked to them for each lesson.

Through robotics, students have both left and right brain development as they are required to visualise their robot's movement and think logically to problem-solve and sequence their program code!

My Little Engineer

for age 5 & Above

Course Details

Students per Class:

Small Class of up to 8 students per class

Class Timing:

Weekdays: 3 pm, 5 pm

Weekends: 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm

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Course Progression

My Little Engineer: 90min - $420 per 8 lessons

  • Beginner Levels

  • Development of basic building skills

  • Learning how codes are read and translated by a computer

  • Basic programming of robots

  • Introduction to the use of sensors

My Junior Engineer: 90min - $420 per 8 lessons

  • Semi-intermediate levels

  • Building slightly more complex robots

  • Reinforcement of basic engineering and Physics concepts

  • Learning the logic to integrate the use of sensors to control robot behavior

  • Understanding how to control independent motors for various robot behavior

My Senior Engineer: 105min - $480 per 8 lessons

  • Intermediate Levels

  • Utilising multiple sensors with the robot to solve challenges

  • Learning logic operators in a script

  • Learning different types and functions of robot attachments

  • learning to utilise variable blocks in programming

  • Introduction to playfield missions

My Junior Roboticist: 105min - $560 per 8 lessons

  • Semi-advanced Levels

  • Learning advanced coding block functions

  • Introduction to text-based coding

  • Weekly challenges to solve

  • Practices on past competition-level missions

My Senior Roboticist: 105min - $560 per 8 lessons

  • Advanced Levels

  • Utilising text-based coding for robot behavior

  • How to build a robot from scratch to solve challenges

  • Weekly building/playfield challenges

  • Relating lessons to real life problems

  • Practices on past competition-level missions

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