Holiday Camp

School Holiday is the period when students have more time to pursue their interests and recharge their mental selves. We offer themed day camps to interest kids utilising various learning platforms. Each holiday will have new and interesting themes for kids to gain new knowledge, outside of their academic studies, through fun and play! Check us out each holiday for more fun for your kids!

STEM Themed Camps

Join us each holiday for a themed camp to engage and recharge your child's mind. Away from academics, students are engaged in various learning platforms to learn more about what is going on around them. Learning through fun-filled activities will help kids to remember better and relax their minds. 

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Learning Platforms

We use a variety of learning platforms to keep the learning process interesting for our students. Kids love it when they are able to be creative and showcase their own projects. Hence, there are hands-on activities to allow students to have some autonomy over their work and reduce screen time.

Students get to unleash their creativity in a sandbox world, such as Minecraft or Roblox studio, with cooperative or individual projects assigned for certain camps. Students also get to experience using the CAD to design objects and print their own creation. 

Robotics and virtual reality for some camps keep learning fun and engaging. Students get to experience what technology could bring within a safe classroom setting.  They would be inspired by STEAM through our holiday camps. 

By allowing our students to explore various ideas during the camps, we keep learning fun for our students and re-energise them during the school holidays. 

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Past Holiday Camps

Evolution (Part 1)

Students travelled back in time to learn about life from when Earth was first formed to the Age of the Dinosaurs. They animated what they have learnt into a short animation using Scratch, before "excavating" their very own "dinosaur bones". The 2-day camp past in a blink of an eye, and the kids look forward to Part 2 coming up in Nov/Dec Holiday! 

Germ Busters

Students learned about the differences between germs and bacteria while the world was still recovering from the Covid pandemic and life was set at a new "norm" that we are familiar with Today. 

They used Scratch to animate a story on "Combating viruses and bacteria" and "visited" the Human body via VR to help the body fight against the invasion of bacteria. They also had some hands-on activity to make a functional play-dough soap!

History Camp

The kids joined us for a 3-day camp to learn about the history of Singapore. The kids journey through from when our little island was first called Temasek to the Republic of Singapore that we know of today. 

They were engaged with coding projects to make learning fun and enjoyable. This helped them remember certain events better as they watch their own animation come to life or play their mini-game. Finally, the camp is concluded with a visit to the National Museum as they recapped what they had learned as exhibits are explained to them within the museum.

Little Data Analysts

The kids joined us for a short but informative 3-day camp to learn about data, data sorting and the types of graphs which they could use to present their data with. 

Utilising various online and offline platforms, the students were exposed to the various forms in which data may present itself as. Peer engagements increased their level of learning as they discuss and share their knowledge during quizzes and class collaboration activities. 

Engineering Week

Kids joined us for a 5-day camp as we brought them through the 4 industrial revolutions. They learnt how machines transited from manual labour to what we have today - harnessing green energy. 

Through the various robots they built, they understood how gears connect to increase an output via gear ratios. 

Game Week

Game week introduced to our students various methods of play which broadened their horizons as kids today are mostly exposed to digital games. 

Games which their parents used to play such as chapteh, 5 stones, country erasers, old maid, happy family etc. were introduced to the kids. They learnt that there is still much fun outside of their phones, computers and Ipads. This also encourages less screen time and more peer interactions.

Savanna Wonders

Students went through a 3-day camp during the March holidays to learn more about the Savanna habitat. They learned what is defined as savanna and the key differences from other habitats. 

Various animal species, that populate the African Savanna, were introduced to the students. They were engaged in creating their own comic strip about a trip to the savanna. Additionally, the kids learn how to create balanced joints for robots by building an ostrich carriage. They were also exposed to sensors which they could relate to real-life experiences.