About Us


Our vision is to nurture inquisitive and determined individuals, who will constantly strive for their best while maintaining good peer relationships.


Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment for students to desire to learn and grow. We also strive to instill cohesiveness in our students as working in a group can bring greater chance of success.


Ready learners, striving with others

Why Redwood?

Redwood is the largest, tallest, and one of the longest living evergreen tree species in the world. They have the strength to withstand gales and floods by extending their roots wide while intertwining with the roots of others within the grove. A lone redwood tree could not grow to be taller than those in a grove.

At Redwood Campus, we aim to train our students to strive for their best and continually seek self-improvement. Additionally, having a cooperative mindset and maintaining good human interactions will benefit our students in any environment they would be stepping into.

Our learning method inculcates our students to, first, evaluate their challenges, research the feasibility of their solutions, and relate what they learn in the class to their everyday lives. We want our students to understand that making errors is an inevitable but invaluable part of their learning experiences.

Through this habit, our students will learn to systematically break down and process any challenges which they would face. Our students would have great perseverance in face of challenges, keeping a calm mind while evaluating possible solutions. Inculcating resilience in their characters while training them to have a critical mind, these students will move on to bring positive changes to people around them.

Our Team

We are a team of educators who believe in the importance of education and the growth of our students.

Education shapes an individual's perspectives and ideals which, ultimately, influence society. Our growth experience is our education environment; thus, it is important to understand that mistakes are inevitable while gaining wisdom and knowledge from past errors is the crux of our Journey in Life.

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